Portfolio Options - Surveying the Landscape

At Tsukazaki & Associates, we manage many types of portfolios and have the experience to meet most client needs and expectations. Our manager/security selection starts with a “bottom-up” process, regardless of whether we use mutual funds, SMA/UMA, ETFs, individual bonds, or individual equities. Risk, absolute value, and relative valuation are some of the criteria we use to screen possible investments for our clients. In our own models, we scrutinize portfolio manager skill through quantitative measures of consistency, risk, and risk-adjusted returns as well as through interviews and organizational scrutiny. The following is a partial list of offerings and solutions:

PPS Custom Models


Institutional Consulting


Customized Portfolios


Fixed Income Portfolios


We utilize multiple fund, ETF, and alternative products for our models. These risk-based options are dynamically allocated and can be customized to client specifications. We have various options based upon risk, size, tax status, and cost.

Many of our family and institutional clientele have specific needs and preferences.  We have the ability to customize portfolios to suit customers' unique circumstances and needs.


Our expertise in portfolio management also gives us unique insight into institutional managers. Our consulting services include manager selection, review, and oversight.


We have deep expertise in fixed income management and, as such, can offer high-quality customized fixed-income portfolios. Typical client solutions include cash management and laddered portfolios. Total return options are available on a limited basis.